B360C - The American Sponge Brush

B360C - The American Sponge Brush

nora gunjianAug 25, '22

The American Sponge Brush cleans your pots, pans, plates, cutting boards, panini presses, sandwich grills, indoor griddles, knives, forks, spoons, and everything in your kitchen sink!

So long are the days where you switch from sponge to brush, from brush to sponge. We joined your favorite cleaning tools into one! Accomplish every mission in your kitchen sink swiftly with The American Sponge Brush!

The opening between the brush and the sponge easily cleans your cutlery and kitchen utensils i.e.: your wooden spoons, chef knives etc.

The American runs a tight ship and keeps a clean kitchen! With the American Sponge Brush you will be able to tackle every dish, pot, pan, and utensil in your kitchen sink with ease. You are Victorious with The American by your side!

We're happy you picked up this Brushtech Brush! Enjoy your clean up!

Patent #US D946 846 S

Made in USA