Brushtech Brush featured in the Wall Street Journal

nora gunjianMar 24, '22

In a Wall Street Journal Article written by Matthew Kronsberg, Brushtech's B47C- Refridgerator Coil Cleaning Brush was highlighted as a brush to reduce energy consumption of your fridge! Get yours today!     1. Keep Your Cool Sometimes the most effective cleaning tasks are the least visible ones. Consider...

Brushtech Brush featured in the Boston Globe!

nora gunjianJan 5, '22

Check out our B232C - Wine Goblet cleaning Brush featured in the Boston Globe! Give your goblets a good and gentle scrub The Goblet Washing Brush from Brushtech is designed to easily clean delicate glassware By Ann Trieger Kurland Globe Correspondent,Updated January 4, 2022, 2:00 p.m. The Goblet Washing Brush from...


nora gunjianDec 10, '21

HISTORY IN THE MAKING Armen Garo Gunjian’s American Dream started its journey at a hardware store with his first job in sales. He was always the student and eager to learn everything about everything. He made it his pri-ority to study the products he was selling in order to place...

Brushtech Brush featured in the New York Times

nora gunjianOct 8, '21

Our B411C - 21" Quad Spring Safety Double-Helix Bristle Free BBQ Brush was featured in the New York Times as the Best BBQ Brush in the Market! Check it out! This brush has four springs that are twisted-in-wire, making it four continuous bristles! This new brush cleans grease and burnt food perfectly well and lasts longer than traditional brushes. The four spring design will fit to clean the tops and the sides of your grills and grates!