Weather's warming up!

Weather's warming up!

nora gunjianMar 9, '21

As the weather warms up and the birds come out to sing, make sure your birdfeeders are kept clean with Brushtech's WildBird Brush selection. The cleanest birdfeeders will attract the prettiest birds. 

Whether you watch blue jays, hummingbirds, sparrows, swallows, cardinals, finches, or kingfishers. Your wildbird feeder is a great way to attract your favorite type of species of bird. You will be astonished on how many birds a clean birdfeeder attracts instead of a filthy one. 

Also, a clean birdfeeder will feed into your sense of pride of ownership. 

You don't need new things, you need to keep the things you already have in your life, clean. Brush your bird feeder with one of our specifically designed brushes and you will be glad that you did.