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MODEL : B216C .................... UPC# : 079115-002162

Patent #US D664,771 S

Tired of buying brushes for your BBQ that deteriorate after the first use? We believe in quality and design. We believe that the best brushes are Made with pride in the USA! When you buy a Brushtech Brush, the first thing you'll notice is that our brass bristles are ready for your toughest cleaning jobs. And once you're done brushing, you'll notice that your Brushtech Brush is going to last you a long long time. That's where your extra nickel went, it went to an American made quality product; that makes you smile, it makes America smile, and that makes us smile proudly. Good for you! We like to see you smile! When you BBQ on your Barbeque, you know that you have a tough cleaning job ahead. Not Anymore! You are armed to the teeth with Brushtech's Long Lasting BBQ Brush! Cleaning and brushing is easy, fun, and done with no fuss! Satisfaction Guaranteed! Don't forget to write your reviews! We're looking forward to hearing from you about this brushtech brush! Add this Brush to your cart now! thank us later. ;-)

  • This is a real brush of burden for cleaning grills.
  • No other brush, at even double the cost, can do a better job.
  • If you bought this brush the same day as your BBQ grill, chances are your brush will outlast your grill.
  • Massive, and as tough as it is, this Long-Lasting BBQ Brush will not scratch of damage porcelain or chrome grids.
  • Brass Bristles are softer than both porcelain and chrome.
  • This Long-Lasting BBQ Brush is in a class of its own, because of its cleaning prowess, durability and multiple season life.
  • No other BBQ brush, even if you pay twice as much, can serve you better.
  • Measured by the number of times used or by the number of years of use, you will find that this brush is the most economical BBQ brush you ever had and the very best value for your money.
  • Product Dimensions L: 15.0" W: 2.5" H: 3.0