Tactical BBQ Brush Kit


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16" Quad spring Safety Double-Helix Bristle-Free BBQ Brush

This brush has four springs that are twisted-in-wire, making it four continuous bristles! This new brush cleans grease and burnt food perfectly well and lasts longer than traditional brushes. The four spring design will fit to clean the tops and the sides of your grills and grates!

With the four spring design, the larger springs will open us and morph to clean the sides of your grills, while the smaller internal springs will clean the tops of your grills.

Tactical BBQ Brush with Downward Assist - Large Diameter Springs.

• Three sets of two twisted-in-wire galvanized steel springs

• The long parallel springs with large diameter are designed to fit in between your grates and clean the sides, while the shorter springs in the front are designed to clean the tops.

• Patented technology to safely clean your grill!

Patented Technology. #D691,379S, #D701,389S, #us9,101,205B2 #US9,955,777B2, #us 10,182,647 #CA2,938,989C #CA2,820,703C and other patents pending.