Brushtech Brush featured in the New York Times

nora gunjianOct 8, '21

Our B411C - 21" Quad Spring Safety Double-Helix Bristle Free BBQ Brush was featured in the New York Times as the Best BBQ Brush in the Market! Check it out! This brush has four springs that are twisted-in-wire, making it four continuous bristles! This new brush cleans grease and burnt food perfectly well and lasts longer than traditional brushes. The four spring design will fit to clean the tops and the sides of your grills and grates!

Weather's warming up!

nora gunjianMar 9, '21

As the weather warms up and the birds come out to sing, make sure your birdfeeders are kept clean with Brushtech's WildBird Brush selection. The cleanest birdfeeders will attract the prettiest birds.  Whether you watch blue jays, hummingbirds, sparrows, swallows, cardinals, finches, or kingfishers. Your wildbird feeder is a great...

1st Day of our new website!

nora gunjianFeb 25, '21

We are very excited! BrushtechBrushes has launched it's 5th website to mark our 45th Anniversary in business. We make all of our brushes from grip to tip at our factory in Upstate New York. From BBQ to kitchen, plumbing, wine glassware, and bird feeder brushes, Brushtech's useful and unusual brushes...