Crystal Stemware Washing Brush - Vineyard Series


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Brushtech's Vineyard Series brushes features an elegant wooden handle that reminds us of the peace and tranquility of life on a vineyard. These brushes work hard on the job, yet look charming while hanging near your kitchen sink.

Our soft yet high tensile foam brush, under normal usage, will last ten times longer than the best brush and 20 times longer than the best sponge.

The foam, made of special hydrophobic formula composition, does not absorb any water and will not become limp or soggy. The brush maintains its shape and firmness even during your biggest cleaning jobs.

This brush will not scratch, chip or mar your valuable crystal champagne, prosecco and sparkling wine flutes, nor will it harbor bacteria. 

Penetrates deep to the bottom narrow flutes where your fingers do not reach.

Made in USA, just like all of Brushtech's Brushes.