Famous Kitchen Brush Kit - 7 pieces


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These famous brushes are essential for any kitchen. Clean your burnt food off of your stick and non-stick pans, your cups, mugs, sports bottles, travel mugs, and wine goblets and much much more!

This brush kit comes polybagged and includes our:

B271C — The Two Most Useful Brushes in your Kitchen – a set of two brushes that was designed to clean burnt foods, baked on and caked on food residues from cookwares. The plastic bristled brush is for cleaning non-stick pots and pans, whereas the stainless steel bristled brush is to clean cast-iron and aluminum surfaces. This set of brushes belongs in every kitchen whether the chef is a master cordon-bleu patissier or fledgling cook.

B281C — Toughest little Cup & Glass Washing Brush Ever Made — bent at the tip to get maximum coverage of your coffee mugs that have stubborn stains at the bottom. This brush will save you time and effort, while leaving your favorite mug without residue.

B23C — Sports Bottle Straw Washing Brush — long stem brush gets in to clean out bacteria from sports bottle straws. People are trying to be healthy and green by using sports bottles to drink water and sports drinks. Cleaning these bottles on a regular basis is necessary to maintain good hygiene; however, the straws are neglected to be clean because there's no other brush available for the job, until now!

B223C — Brush for Everything in the Kitchen Sink — the name says it all! Foam bristles do not absorb any water, so the brush will never go limp or soggy. This brush will leave your kitchenware squeaky clean!

B248C — Powerful Non-Abrasive Brush for dishes, pots, pans, & microwaves — versatile brush made of non-woven sponge material that scrubs away.

B46C — Flexible Faucet Brush — has two handles to allow easy scrubbing of calcium buildup around faucets and faucet knobs.