Quad Spring Toughest Little Safety Double-Helix Bristle-Free BBQ Brush for Camping


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Great for Camping Grills and RVs! Where space is scarce, this little BBQ brush works like a charm! 7.5" long

Four twisted-in-wire galvanized steel springs.

Safety Bristles will not Break off!

Will not scratch.

Patented Technology. #D691,379S, #D701,389S, #us9,101,205B2 #US9,955,777B2, #us 10,182,647 #CA2,938,989C #CA2,820,703C and other patents pending.

This New Toughest Little Safety Double-Helix Bristle-Free BBQ Brush has four springs that are twisted-in-wire, making it four continuous bristles! This new brush cleans grease and burnt food perfectly well and lasts longer than traditional brushes. The four spring design will fit to clean the tops and the sides of your grills and grates.

Because of the continuous bristle design, this brush maintains its shape and integrity. If the spring breaks, you know it's time for a new brush without fearing that the bristles ends up in you BBQ. The handle allows for comfortable gripping. The spring bristles will open and morph to clean your BBQ grates and grills quickly so that your BBQ is ready for cooking!

The brush's small design is great for camping, but nimble enough to clean the biggest of grills.